Sell Your Silver!

Posted On: 12 Feb 2024 by Jodie Merritt to Item Guide

Here at Ryedale Auctioneers, we are always on the hunt for quality silver to sell - but how do you know if your treasure is authentic?

Sell Your Silver!

Selling Silver at Auction

A guide to selling silver at auction...

Antique and modern silver is consistently popular with our buyers, and we're always on the lookout for silver items for future sales. Do you have a potential treasure in your attic, but struggling to decide whether its really silver?

As a starting point, check out this handy guide to silver hallmarks: 

Remember - less valuable silver plated items are often marked A1/EP/BP/EPNS. 



To Clean or Not To Clean?

Tempting as it can be, avoid cleaning your antique silver before bringing it in to us - overpolishing can rub away intricate details, and too much cleaning, or using the wrong products or materials, can actually cause damage to your silver which can reduce its value, and diminish its appearance. Simply bring your treasures to us as they are.

Should you sell? Well, silver does have a scrap value, and damaged silver and oddments may be sold on their weight, but many  silver items are worth much more when sold at auction - so why not give it a go? You are likely to make far more - and can enjoy the satisfaction of giving your silver a new lease of life with a wonderful new owner!

To sell your silver with us, please email photographs of your items (including hallmarks), to [email protected], and one of our skilled Valuers will get back to you.